Dragontree is an independent and reliable platform for raw cotton auctions

Discover real prices in a secure, anonymous environment

As a seller you will invite your trading partners to join you in a virtual auction room. As a buyer you will be able to participate in a short and efficient auction, with real price data. Both buyer and seller benefit from transparent pricing and terms, efficient auctions and low cost trading.

Web based auction software to benefit you

Software that is designed for you. All the software we use is designed and implemented with the cotton market in mind. We are part of the global cotton community, and welcome feedback and ideas on how we can improve our technology.

Invite Your Partners

Every company chooses their partners. Only mutual partners will be allowed to trade with each other. Sellers will invite all or some of their partners to a scheduled auction.

Schedule Your Auction

Sellers set the time and date of their auction, and can set a Reserve Price.

Manage Pricing

Buyers can set a Max Bid before an auction starts and let the platform manage price for them, or bid live.

Anonymous Auctions

The name of the buyer and seller will only be revealed to each other (and Dragontree) and only if a trade is confirmed. Bidding and Offering is anonymous.


Save time. Save money.

  • Manage multiple auctions simultaneously
  • Focus your day on specific scheduled auctions
  • All prices are firm and generated by buyers and sellers
  • Contract emailed immediately after confirmation
  • Free for those holding auctions, low commission for successful buyers

Genuine Price Discovery

Auctions have been recognized as the simplest and most efficient form of price discovery for hundreds of years. In a global commodity market, bringing all players into one place using state of the art technology can immediately add value to both buyers and sellers.

What’s with the name?

Dragontree is named after a famous tree (El Drago) on the Spanish island of Tenerife. Nobody knows how old it is, but it has always been there, and has withstood at least 600 years of change. A little like the global cotton trade. It has hundreds of roots and branches, representing the Dragontree goal, to expand the reach of participants in the global cotton supply chain.

Built from the ground up for cotton commodity trading

Built for producers

Hold auctions and find buyers for the export bale. Quickly, efficiently, securely.

Built for traders

Discover price and trade wherever you are. Don’t waste valuable time.

Built for consumers

Aimed at sophisticated importers, to help develop diversified origination.

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